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Take a look at the reviews from NODA of our last few productions ...


Time of My Life
by Alan Ayckbourn

"A well-honed production with some tremendously impressive acting.."



by J. B. Priestley

"The actors held their places within this environment with conviction and reacted beautifully to their surroundings. Congratulations must also go to Martin Ward who directed this great play. A great vision."


by Bernard Shaw


Blithe Spirit
by Noel Coward

"The cast and crew of New Kinver Players should be very proud of this production.

New Kinver Players are a very strong and impressive company who certainly did not disappoint in achieving a great evening of entertainment."


September 2021

May 2023


"NKP have succeeded again with a play that was memorable and impressive. Carefully designed, with a strong team, talent and a strong love for theatre, it was indeed a great night.

April 2022

December 2022


The Morality
of Lying

by Gary Cattell


"The structure of the play had some lovely moments of contrast leading to an overall effective and satisfying conclusion; alongside the direction, the pace was enjoyable, the tension was well thought out and silence was well used.

I was very impressed with the writing"

September 2021


Vita & Virginia (abridged)
by Eileen Atkins

"... it was absolutely stunning, stylish, eccentric, confident and honest and at times a true masterclass of the acting ability of both Emma Francis who played Vita and Ruth Cattell who played Virginia."

September 2021

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